What is Achiever?

Achiever is an app for the Apple iPhone that encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle by setting you individual daily goals in three categories: Habits, Nutrition and Steps. The aim is a gradual health transformation that lasts for the long term, so you will improve your lifestyle step-by-step in order to achieve a life-long change.

Achiever is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, support, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice of your healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding any underlying/existing medical condition before starting a new programme.

Benefits of Achiever:

  • No fad diets: We do not advocate specialist nutritional programmes that restrict you to particular groups of foods.
  • No yo-yo diets: Consistency and accessibility are key. We support a gradual programme of improvement that still allows you to have fun.
  • No calorie counting: Achiever uses a simple nutritional programme that doesn’t require you to count every calorie.
  • No intense workouts: To complete Achiever’s programme requires no specialist workout equipment or gym membership.
  • Improve your health in less than 2 minutes a day: Achiever takes an average of 2 minutes of active engagement every day. We do not track your every waking moment or ask you to either…
  • No expensive extras: We do not require you to buy a gym membership or any specialist ingredients. All exercise can be done within your daily routine and all recommended food is commonly available.
  • Long-term health transformation: Achiever doesn’t give quick-fix, short-term weight-loss tricks that do not last a single year; instead our programme is designed to be sustainable for life.
  • Balanced nutritional programme: Build on your progress step-by-step and incorporate our guidelines into your daily routine as you advance.
  • Flexible health plan: advance at your own pace through the levels, pausing whenever you need to. You can fit the programme around your existing routine.
  • Simple health programme: We will introduce you to healthy habits one at a time, allowing you to master one stage before moving on to the next.
  • Understand your body and health: We explain the reasons for every goal we set you, describing how it benefits your body, improving your weight management, sleep and general health.

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