To complete a steps day in Achiever, take a set number of steps. Achiever will set you a number to take each day. Reach the step target for the required number of days to get to the end of each level.

Just as Achiever’s health programme doesn’t require you to buy expensive, specialist foods, you don’t need to buy a gym membership either, or even any special workout equipment. Instead, we recommend one of the most accessible exercises of all: walking. It is simple, free, can be done entirely at your own pace, and doesn’t require exercise experience or even workout clothes. The benefits are physical and mental, with each feeding into the other.

You are welcome and encouraged to do further exercise, however this is not a requirement for the Achiever Programme. Walking is nevertheless ideal as a starter exercise, and is excellent to do before more intense exercise as a means of warming up. In this way, walking is the enduring foundation of any fitness and exercise programme.

As one of the easiest ways to move about, walking can support weight loss and general fitness. As such, it is a crucial component of Achiever’s programme for a successful health transformation.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about walking is that it can be done as part of your daily activities, rather than taking time away from them. You need to walk to get from one event or activity to another. With Achiever’s step counter you will consider walking more frequently in place of alternative means of transportation. 

As you progress, the number of steps you need to take, and the number of step days you need to complete, will gradually increase. You will experience your health transformation first-hand as you discover that you can walk further and faster, as Achiever has been encouraging you to train yourself. The difficulty level will increase gradually, encouraging you to surpass your earlier goals.

Achiever is integrated with the Apple Health App. This allows you to keep track of your steps today and over the past week and to track your progress. By the time you reach later levels you will find yourself completing goals you wouldn’t have thought possible at the beginning!

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