Achiever provides you with nutrition guidelines that you need to follow a set number of days in order to progress to each next level.

Any health transformation requires a thorough understanding of what you consume and in a reasonable quantity. We do not support or encourage any fad or crash diets. Such regimes typically have short term-results at most, tend to encourage yo-yo dieting and, most importantly, are often not healthy as a result. While an understanding of calories is always useful, we do not encourage calorie-counting, which can lead to a restrictive mindset. We believe that more positive methods are likely to be less stressful, more accommodating, and therefore more likely to last in the long term.

Achiever’s balanced nutritional programme is based on the principle that the best programme is the one that you would be happy to follow for the long term. Our simple guidelines each deal with a different aspect of your diet. The guidelines are designed not to restrict you from your favourite foods. They are flexible enough to work within your daily routine, but still make a real difference and ensure permanent health transformation. For example, you can still go to restaurants, you don’t need a gym membership and you don’t need to buy expensive specialist ingredients or equipment.

You need to follow Achiever’s guidelines throughout the whole day in order to complete a nutrition day, and you need to complete a set number of nutrition days in each level. The number of guidelines and nutrition days to complete increases with each level, so while you will be continually challenged to improve, the learning curve is gradual and the challenge is achievable.

Slow and steady: progress at your own pace. So rather than sticking to the guidelines every waking moment, you can take a day off. You are likely to find, however, that, as you progress, it becomes easier to follow the guidelines, and you will miss your bad habits a little less with each day. The aim is not just to become healthier, but actively to feel and revolutionise your health!

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