Achiever sets you a task every day with the aim of developing new and healthy habits that will not only lead to a healthier body in the short term but also a healthier lifestyle in the long term.

At the core of your health transformation is your daily routine, and this is determined by your habits, both the good and the less desirable. Achiever will help you to learn healthy habits to achieve your fitness goals. At the same time, you will better understand your body and health. Correct daily practice of Achiever’s habits will result in healthy weight maintenance or loss and a satisfying sleep schedule. As you follow habits of gradually increasing difficulty, your health should steadily improve, and you will feel the effects in your general mood, sleep and movement patterns.

By recognising what motivates your bad habits, you will be able to make good habits more appealing and unhealthy habits unattractive. Understanding the forces that motivate your dietary and nutrition decisions will make it easier for you to make healthier choices and develop positive lifestyle habits.

You only ever need to focus on one habit at a time, and we will ask you to focus on it for a few days so that it has time to become a routine for you. Advance at your own pace. You can take a break from Achiever’s habits without losing progress. However, you will find the simplest way to develop the habits is to incorporate them into your existing daily routine. If the habits are practised successfully you will eventually come to follow them without even thinking about it.

Achiever goes into detail on every habit, explaining why it is important, and the effect it is likely to have on your health. If you find a particular habit difficult, consult the tips we provide for each individual habit. Achiever’s habits do not impose on you a particular diet or workout regimen. Instead, we ensure that the objectives we set are realistic and attainable. Achieve your health transformation step by step for the long term.

Achiever is not a Habit-tracker; instead we will set you a goal and you tell us when you have completed it. It is therefore most beneficial to consult the Achiever app at the very beginning and very end of your day, with our tips available throughout the day if you need them.

The earliest habits are quite simple and are unlikely to take long to practice. However, they are essential stepping stones to later stages in your health transformation, and they also benefit and feed into your nutrition and step goals. As you progress to later levels, you will find that the habits become gradually harder, and along with these will come an ever greater feeling of accomplishment and the results to show this.

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