Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Achiever?

A: Achiever is a mobile phone app accessible via the iTunes store. It sets you daily tasks to complete to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Rather than using short-term fixes that apply to a one-off diet, we allow for a gradual and sustainable approach to achieve permanent health improvement for life.

Q: How much does Achiever cost?

A: For the first seven days Achiever is completely free. After that, the app costs £5 each month.

Q: Am I too young or old?

A: Achiever requires a minimum user age of 18. There is no maximum age limit.

Q: Where do I need to be to do Achiever?

A: The tasks Achiever sets you are not restricted to any single location. You can follow the programme when at home, at work, having fun or travelling anywhere in between.

Q: Is Achiever a workout app?

A: Achiever does not set workouts for you to do. The only exercise we focus on is steps.

Q: How much exercise does Achiever involve?

A: The only exercise we focus on is steps.

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: No equipment is required for Achiever, other than the device the app is on.

Q: I have a medical condition, is Achiever suitable for me?

A: Do not use Achiever if you are under 18 or pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from diabetes, eating disorders or any underlying health conditions that require medication.

Q: Do I have to count calories?

A: No. Achiever is designed so that you do not have to count calories.

Q: What if I have dietary requirements?

A: That is totally fine. Our meal guidelines do not restrict the consumption of any particular healthy foods. If you need to eat regularly throughout the day, you should choose the Achiever Nutrition Programme instead of Intermittent Fasting.

Q: Can I still take part in other fitness activities?

A: Yes. Achiever is designed for you to improve your health. You are likely to find your energy increasing as you progress through each level. But always listen to your body, and if you think you’re overdoing it, please take a rest day.

Q: How much will I need to spend on food?

A: Our aim is for healthy living to be accessible to everyone. Our meal guidelines therefore do not recommend expensive foods or ingredients. Our nutrition recommendations are flexible and can be adapted to suit any budget.

Q: How do I enter my weight?

A: You do not need to enter your weight. Achiever is designed to be simple and appropriate for anyone. Often taking pictures of yourself over time, once a month, provides a better indication of your progress and how you feel.

Q: Do I need to intermittent fast in order to complete Achiever’s three levels?

A: If you do not want to follow our Intermittent Fasting programme, choose the Achiever Programme, which you can complete by following certain nutritionary guidelines. You can switch between Fasting and the Achiever nutrition programme at any time without resetting your progress.

Q: Can I change the length of my Fasting period?

A: If you have chosen the Intermittent Fasting option, the length of your fasting period, 8 hours, can not be changed. However, when in the day those 8 hours take place is up to you and you can plan this around your existing timetable.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: To cancel your subscription, please read this explanation on the Apple website:

Q: How quickly should I aim to complete each level?

A: The pace at which you progress is entirely up to you, and there is no time limit. However, as you progress you may find it useful to challenge yourself to complete streaks which Achiever records.

Q: How can I give feedback?

A: Feel free to contact us any time via our website. You will also be invited to give feedback on the App itself.

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