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Habits: Improve and follow a daily habit

  • Follow your daily habit
  • Follow one habit at a time
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Progress through different levels of advancing difficulty
  • Each habit is a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle
  • Each habit has tips and information
  • Practice making new desirable habits
  • Practice making bad habits unattractive
  • Understand your habits’ driving forces
  • Understand the role of your environment in shaping your decisions
  • Develop an awareness of your own body
  • Develop a personal skill set that will last for life
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Nutrition: The Achiever Programme

Achiever provides you with nutrition guidelines that you need to follow a set number of days in order to progress to each next level.

Any health transformation requires a thorough understanding of what you consume and in a reasonable quantity. We do not support or encourage any fad or crash diets. Such regimes typically have short term-results at most, tend to encourage yo-yo dieting and, most importantly, are often not healthy as a result. While an understanding of calories is always useful, we do not encourage calorie-counting, which can lead to a restrictive mindset. We believe that more positive methods are likely to be less stressful, more accommodating, and therefore more likely to last in the long term.

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Achiever Nutrition
Achiever Steps


Achiever uses daily steps as a practical, accessible and efficient method for users to move daily. You can walk as part of your daily routine, on the way to work or to the shops, to meet friends or for general relaxation; it is highly underrated as a form of exercise but extremely beneficial to do as frequently as possible. Many users like to walk in one go to achieve their steps, while others may prefer to split their steps throughout the day. The benefits of daily steps are endless.

Complete a set number of steps each day. As you progress through the Achiever levels the amount of steps will increase. Challenge yourself further to achieve your daily step target in streaks and monitor your weekly progress. Get into the habit of walking daily to benefit your health.

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About us

Achiever is on a mission to empower our global community to become healthier and happier. We are a team of educators using a minimal and practical approach to empower our community to improve the quality of their lives. We believe that education and health are the foundations of long-term change. Our approach creates a permanent health transformation with time-efficiency as a priority.

Success stories

My energy has improved.


My health has improved.


My energy has improved.


My eating habits have changed.


I feel happier.


My eating habits have changed.


I am now moving more frequently.


My energy has improved.


My energy has improved.


My energy has improved.


My energy has improved.


My energy has improved.


Key Advisors

Adelia is a Registered Dietitian and holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Adelia integrates her clinical knowledge and practice with her passion for public health and policy.

Adelia Jacobs

Rudolf holds a Phd in Applied Mathematics from University College London. He currently works in the field of AI & Computational Mathematics Research. In this capacity, he has worked with healthcare providers, educational institutions, R&D firms and investment banks.

Dr Rudolf Kohulak

Nicola is a registered and qualified yoga teacher, with over 14 years of experience in the professional dance world. Her mission is to help people transform their relationships with themselves using breath work, movement, yoga and dance.

Nicola Coates

Suraj is a dental surgeon with a special interest in oral surgery and periodontics. He qualified in Valencia and has completed courses with the Royal College of Surgeons in London and Edinburgh. He practices in the renowned Harley Street area now in Central London.

Dr Suraj Vatish

Pujan is a London based Consultant in Respiratory Medicine and has completed his training in both the United Kingdom and United States. He is a full time NHS consultant and is triple board accredited in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine.

Dr Pujan Patel

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